COVID-19 Is More Than a Virus – Impact on Consumer Behaviors

Concerns and opinions about the novel coronavirus are growing beyond the realm of public and personal health. In only three months, it has had far-reaching impacts on our behaviors and beliefs. COVID-19 is a catalyst for making us reevaluate what it means to be part of a community (individual freedom vs. social responsibility) and potentially how we participate as a member in our various communities (virtual interactions, economic implications, etc.). The redefinition of our social norms and expressions is the greatest potential legacy of the outbreak and what we should be monitoring long-term – not just immediate behaviors.

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are social distancing, cancelling events and avoiding public spaces for the safety of our communities. When we look at the impact the pandemic has had on consumer purchases, it’s more related to scarcity than avoidance (i.e., unable to find/receive products or services).

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SMS Research Advisors, a division of Padilla, conducted this Spotlight Survey (fielded March 13 to March 16, 2020). Results indicative of an ‘initial phase’ of the coronavirus outbreak. Perceptions, impacts and behaviors will continue to be tracked on a regular basis as events unfold.