COVID-19’s Impact on Consumer Behaviors (May 2020)

Concerns and opinions about the coronavirus only grew stronger as we transitioned from March to April. This growing footprint reinforces previous predictions that coronavirus will remain topical well-beyond immediate responses and quarantines. We continue to see the virus having an impact on evolving cultural norms and priorities. The current state of the pandemic will not be our “new normal,” but based on the anticipated long-term outcomes, we expect it to play a pivotal role in working to define what this “new normal” will be.

During the initial ramp up, we identified that Americans were eager for guidance, rather than just information, in an attempt to reassure their concerns. Now that concern has reached a boiling point, and we see them demanding more: They want actions.

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SMS Research Advisors, a division of Padilla, conducted this Spotlight Survey (fielded April 2-3 and April 10-14, 2020). At the time of fielding, nearly all states had declared statewide shelter-in-place/stay-at-home ordinances. This wave is a snapshot of the first full phase of a pandemic following the rapid escalation in cases, deaths and official responses.