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Align your VOC objectives and minimize expenditures with a strategic roadmap

Voice of the Customer (VOC) research works best for larger organizations when you come together as a cross-functional team. We recommend that companies that have diverse needs, stakeholders and multiple customer touch points use a single strategic roadmap to stay focused and purposeful with research.

What is a strategic roadmap? It is an integrated process that aligns objectives and gains agreement among leadership for VOC research. With the roadmap as your guide, you can maximize customer interactions and minimize expenditures.

Creating a strategic roadmapVOC Summit

In our half-day VOC Summit, we will work with a cross-functional team to identify what each stakeholder needs to understand from your customers to be successful. We reach agreements on the “who, what and why” of upcoming research initiatives.

The strategic roadmap created and accepted during this VOC Summit accomplishes several goals, including: 

  • Identifying VOC areas for measurement and criteria for selection.
  • An understanding of VOC measurement options, methodologies and expected outcomes.
  • Identifying and prioritizing which customers to learn from first.
  • Agreement on what market research needs to be done.

Centralize your research and reporting

It’s surprising how many departments in larger corporations don’t actively communicate with each other. Consolidating research partners is another way to save money, time and resources in your VOC strategy.

There are many benefits of using a single, primary research partner. For example, our clients who have integrated SMS in all research initiatives across their entire business gain:

  • Consistency in VOC data. Asking the same question in different ways doesn’t yield to comparative results. VOC research that lacks consistency from one department to the next means that data can’t be easily transferred or tracked. SMS is able to ensure a standard research process, so that data from one team is comparable to the next team.
  • Savings on primary research. SMS becomes a single-point of contact for all research to pass through. Having intimate knowledge of data from every project allows us to know whether a question has already been asked and answered by another department. This leads to more economical studies, or even potentially eliminates the need for research.   
  • Minimized respondent fatigue. Departments may be hitting the same customers with surveys in a short time span. SMS is able to identify repeat respondents and make recommendations on timing or databases to prevent overloading your customers.
  • Shared reporting. With a cross-functional knowledge base, SMS incorporates and shares insights between departments. This creates a more unified strategy for the entire business instead of keeping it in siloes.

A strategic roadmap will align mission-critical resources (people and money) with a collective focus on your overall VOC strategy. Consolidating your research vendor is a natural progression of this roadmap. By using a single primary research partner, companies are able to better gain understanding of your core business and overall strategy, and to ensure that all pieces properly come together into your research.

To learn more about Strategic Roadmaps, our VOC Summits or how your company can benefit from partnering with SMS, contact us today at [email protected].


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