SMS Research Advisors

Every Solution Is Unique

We fully realize – and address the fact – that no two business needs or clients are ever alike and their needs will continue to evolve… thus our services have to be flexible and evolving as well.


Exploratory Solving Results
Analyze Action Plans Strategic Planning
Listen Team Kickoff Actionable Recommendations
Homework Propose Solution Execute Plan


You Can Customize SMS Services in Two Ways:

Full Service

Here our senior consultants meet with your management team. We delve deeply into your business, making sure we all agree on the specific objectives. We’ll then determine the best approach, develop a budget and present our proposal. Upon completing the task, we’ll present our findings and our recommendation – a recommendation you can act upon.

On Demand

In this case, our services are available on an ad hoc basis, with SMS working as an extension of your own research arm. We can assist with the design, data collection, analysis, reporting, everything right down to the final recommendations.

“We used SMS to help us identify some key trends with our customer base. They did a great job at having a solid understanding of our business and turning that into a solution. I trust their experience to help us.”