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Your work with us matters and helps create impact. Thank you. Through your participation, companies that offer products, services and messages hear your voice, which helps them make decisions.

Do you have questions? We have answers.
Use the below FAQ, or contact a researcher at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get my name/contact information?
When conducting research, there are two main ways we get participant information: from a purchase list via a third-party provider, or from an opt-in list from our client. These lists are typically compiled from when you sign up for certain services, make online accounts, etc.

Is this spam/Is this a scam?
We get it – you can never be too careful these days, but please rest assured that we take data and respondent information very seriously. We retain anonymity without express permission from a respondent to waive confidentiality (via an explicit survey question). We will also never sell or use your data/contact information to promote certain products, brands or services. You will never be asked to purchase anything during or because of participation in our research (although we may ask you your likelihood to purchase something, to predict market demand).

If you are willing to participate in a survey, but are not comfortable using the survey link, you can always complete your survey with one of our researchers via telephone. You can send a request to [email protected] and someone will follow up with you to schedule a time to talk.

I don’t want to participate, take me off your list!
Not everyone has the time or interest to take surveys and your participation is always voluntary. If you would like to opt out, please email us at [email protected] (please include the topic or name of the study, if possible). We always pass along opt-out requests to our list sources for you as well (either client or list provider).

I completed my survey/interview, when do I get my incentive?
Sometimes we offer incentives as our appreciation for respondents sharing their time and opinions with us. Whether the incentive is offered as individual incentive (e.g., everyone who participates receives $X amount) or as a drawing (e.g., chance to win one of X number of prizes), we always administer incentives three to four days following the end of fielding (when we close the survey, or reach a certain number of interviews). This allows us to send out incentives in batches, so we can better track incentives when a respondent has a question, and for our own accounting purposes.

Why didn’t I qualify for your survey/interview?
At SMS Research Advisors, we believe everyone’s opinion is valuable. However, we frequently target certain people to participate based on the research topic and our client’s needs. This is done for a few reasons: 1) Sometimes our survey questions can be very specific or technical, so they may not apply to everyone. By ensuring respondents have certain experiences, we prevent disqualified individuals from wasting time answering questions that are not relevant to them; 2) Alternatively, sometimes individuals with certain experiences could answer questions differently, introducing bias into our data or putting sensitive client information at risk. An example of this is if you or someone in your household works in our client’s industry – you may know certain things that the average individual does not; 3) Our clients have limited resources in both time and budget, and it is our duty to use these resources to get them the best data. If their business question or strategy is focused to a certain group of people, we will target to ensure we are only gathering data from those individuals; 4) We monitor respondent demographics to ensure our data is representative of people of different genders, ethnicity, ages, etc., and often we have to start disqualifying individuals if we get too many of a certain group.

If you did not qualify for a study and are interested in understanding why, please email us at [email protected]. Additionally, if you would like to be notified for participation in future studies, you can follow us on Facebook.

I didn’t qualify; do I still get an incentive?
If the incentive was a drawing incentive, then you can still receive an entry into the drawing (no participation necessary). To read more about drawing rules and guidelines, please visit this page: Drawing Guidelines and Rules. If the incentive was an individual incentive (e.g., everyone who participates receives $X amount), then only those who both qualify for and complete the survey will receive it.

How do I sign up to participate in future studies?
At this time we do not have a formalized survey community, but we frequently post study opportunities, interesting facts and relevant updates on our Facebook. Follow us to stay in touch and get alerts for future studies!