SMS Research Advisors

SMS Partnerships = Success

Since our founding in 1989, we have focused on ways to help our clients achieve business objectives through concrete and successful business strategies. SMS forms strong partnerships early with our clients to clearly understand the business objective and deliver strategic solutions that address the business opportunity.


We help our clients succeed by providing thoughtful insights and answers to difficult and sometimes complex business questions:

  • How do we grow wallet share?
  • What new products and/or services should we be introducing?
  • What are my customers’ segments and what is their profile?
  • What is the correct pricing model for my products and/or services?
  • How do I compete more successfully to increase my market share?
  • What new markets/opportunities should I be considering?
  • What features and benefits are my customers willing to pay for?
  • How do I stop my market share erosion in a competitive landscape?
  • How do I retain my current customers and win new ones?

“I have had a relationship with SMS for about 8 years. I endorse the professionalism and expertise of SMS’ principals and would recommend them for any appropriate engagement.”
— Minnesota Council for Quality